1000 Praises <501-600>

S. No Praises Verses
501 Our Protector 2Cor13:12
502 Our Mediator 1Tim 2:5
503 Our Brother Mk 3:35
504 Our rising Sun Lk 1:79
505 Our Holy sanctuary Isa 8:14
506 Worthy of glory Rev 5:12
507 Crown of glory Isa 28:5
508 Diadem of beauty Isa 28:5
509 A Child and Son Isa 9:6
510 Gracious and full of compassion Ps 111:4
511 The desire if every nation Hag 2:7
512 O God, to you belong all nations Ps 82:8
513 The Most High who divided their inheritance of the nations Deu 32:8
514 Heir of all things Heb 1:2
515 He who upholds all things by the word of His power Heb 1:3
516 He who bore us on eagle’s wings Ex 19:4
517 He who keeps me as an apple of an eye Ps 17:8
518 Your right hand shall hold me Ps 139:10
519 You are my shade at my right hand Ps 121:5
520 The Blessed and only potentate 1Tim 6:15
521 One who is immortal 1Tim 6:16
521 The unseen 1Tim 6:16
523 The Brightness of His glory Heb 1:3
524 The last Adam 1Cor15:45
525 Father, the vine dresser Jn 15:1
526 The true vine Jn 15:1
527 The sower of good seeds Matt 13:37
528 He who prunes the branch to bear more fruits Jn 15:2
529 Author and Finisher of our faith Heb 12:1
530 The Breaker Mica 2:13
531 The Lord who fights for me Ex 14:14
532 Consuming fire Heb 12:29
533 You are like refiner’s fire and like fuller’s soap Mala 3:2
534 The great and awesome God Deu 7:21
535 You are awesome in Your doing toward sons of men Ps 66:5
536 The shield of my help Deu 33:29
537 Heavenly Bread Jn 6:32
538 The Potter Jer 18:6
539 God with no partiality Rom 2:11
540 A tried, precious cornerstone Isa 28;16
541 A sure foundation Isa 28:16
542 You are anointed with oil of gladness Heb 1:9
543 The Ancient days Dan 7:9
544 Lord, who is slow to anger Nah 1:13
545 The express image of God’s person Heb 1:3
546 Your are of purer eyes Haba 1:13
547 Head of the body of Church Col 1:18
548 The Lord who nourishes and cherishes the Church Eph 5:29
549 Lion of the tribe of Judah Rev 5:5
550 Man of war Ex 15:3
551 Mighty in battle Ps 24:8
552 Mighty in strength Job 9:4
553 The one who crushed satan’s head Gen 3:15
554 Christ the victor Jn 16:33
555 The Lord who has triumphed gloriously Ex 15:1
556 God who always lead us on triumph in Christ 2Cor 2:14
557 The great King above all gods Ps 95:3
558 Lord, You are greater than all gods Ex 18:11
559 Lord, You are exalted far above all gods Ps 97:9
560 You are to be feared above all gods Ps 96:4
561 Lord, You are above all gods Ps 153:5
562 You are greatly to be praised Ps 145:3
563 The Lord who bestows His riches upon all Rom 10:12
564 Hw who gives us power to get wealth Deu 8:18
565 Both riches and honour come of You 1Chro 29:12
566 You don’t despise Your own that are in bonds Ps 69:33
567 He who hears the groaning of the prisoners Ps 102:20
568 He who brings out those who are bound to be prosperity Ps 68:6
569 He who sets free those appointed to death Ps 102:20
570 The Lord who upholds all those who fall Ps 145:14
571 The Lord who raises up all those who are bowed down Ps 145:14
572 He who heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds Ps 147:3
573 He who raises the poor out of the dust Ps 113:7
574 Lord You are a refuge for the oppressed Ps 9:9
575 Lord You have heard the desire of the humble Ps 10:17
576 He who hears the cry of the afflicted Job 34:28
577 Lord who maintains the cause of the humble Ps 140:12
578 Lord who delivers the poor from him that is too strong for him Ps 35:10
579 Lord who delivers the poor and the needy from him who spoils him Ps 35:10
580 Lord, You bless the poor, delivers him in the time of trouble, preserve him, keep him alive, will not deliver him to the will of enemies and strengthen him and sustain him on his sick bed Ps 41:1-3
581 Lord You will save the humble people and You will bring down haughty looks Ps 18:27
582 The Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed Ps 103:6
583 There is none like You O Lord to help both the mighty and the weak 2Cor 14:11
584 Lord You will place the poor in the safety for which longs Ps 12:5
585 You do not regard the rich more than the poor Job 34:19
586 You have been a strength to poor Isa 25:4
587 You have been a strength to the needy in his distress Isa 25:4
588 A refuge from the storm Isa 25:4
589 A shade from the heat Isa 25:4
590 Lord, You set the poor on high far from affliction Ps 107:41
591 Lord You have delivered the life of the needy from the hand of the evil doers Jer 20:13
592 Lord You make the families of the poor like a flock Ps 107:41
593 Lord, You stand at the right hand of the poor to save him from those who condemn him Ps 109:31
594 Lord, who lifts the needy out of the dust Ps 113:7
595 Lord, You make the poor to sit with the princess of his people Ps 113:8
596 Lord, You maintain the justice for the poor Ps 140:12
597 Father of the fatherless Ps 68:5
598 Defender of widows Ps 68:5
599 Helper of the fatherless Ps 10:14
600 Lord, You will regard the prayer of the destitute and will not despise their supplication Ps 102:17

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