Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Mount Poinsur

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Mount Poinsur, has been a Catholic Parish from 1547 to 1739 and again from 1912 onwards. It is presently operated by the C.M.S.F. brothers founded by Fray Paulus Moritz

This was reportedly one of the first Churches to be built in Goa , estimated around 1540’s. It was built there because of the high ground it stood on. It was rebuilt in 1619. After Panjim became the capital city , the great bell of the Church of Our Lady of Grace in Old Goa or the “Bell of the Inquisition” was moved to this church from Aguada in 1841. At the same time, the renovation created the four tiered steps leading to the church.

The interior is simple and is dedicated to Mary. There are two altars on either side , the one on the left dedicated to Jesus and the one on the right to Our Lady of Rosary. On either side is a statue of St Peter and St Paul. In the south transept to the right of the main altar is the Chapel of St Francis Xavier, with his statue. It formerly stood in the Idalcao’s Palace and was moved here when the chapel there was dismantled in 1918.


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