A Child Was Saved From Kidnapping by a Humble Store Employee

A 7 year-old girl had been kidnapped by 43 year-old David Douglas. Time was running out and the authorities needed to find her. Luckily, her salvation came from a concerned Target employee who noticed something funny while she was working.

22 year-old Roxanna Ramirez, an employee at a Target, noticed that a shopper was behaving strangely. He had a backpack and just kept fondling items in the men’s department. As a loss prevention specialist, she followed the man, conerned he was going to steal.

When she asked him if he needed help, he said no. Then, she went to her office to watch him on security cameras. He was fidgeting and acting strangely still, and she kept an eye on him even as he went to his car. He was twitchy, would rifle through his backpack and sometimes would pace and smoke.

She wrote down his license plate number. When later her friend told her that a child had been abducted in the area, she immediately called the police and gave them his license plate number. Her attention to detail and caring attitude led to the apprenhesnion of David and the rescue of a frightened little girl.

When you care about others, you can make your community a safer place to live, like Roxanna did. Don’t be afraid to do the hard thing to protect others.

Roxanna said she is happy she could get the little victim home.

“I’m happy that she’s home, and gets to spend the rest of this time with her family because not all kidnappings end like this. It feels really good.” She is right, not many kidnappings end in such a happy manner. We thank the Lord that everything came together to save the little girl.

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