A Worthy Vessel

Since time immemorial the waves have roared
Lashing and forming the sandy shores,
Then still, then storm, then high, then low;
Breaking where seawater ebb and flow.

In perfect rhythm the tides come in –
High and low and neap and spring,
Ceaselessly moving and shaping the land;
Breaking the shells into soft, white sand.

So too with us – with you and with me;
Throughout our lives we unceasingly see
God’s Hand within our calm and our storm
Shaping us from the day we are born.

When things get tough we should not despair:
The Lord is in our trials and our prayers,
We need only look upon Jesus’ face
To know He is our safe hiding place.

God cares so much for each one of us
So do not panic and do not fuss –
Allow God to break, to heal and remake
You for the part He wants you to take.

A vessel so fine it is fit for the King
Wondrously beautiful; sealed with His ring –
Blood-bought and pure; the Potter’s pride
Dressed in white linen; the High King’s bride.

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