“That evening my wife died, and the next morning I did as I had been commanded.” –Ezekiel 24:18

The Jewish people mourned the death of those they loved by crying and groaning, by taking off their turbans and sandals, by covering their beards, and by eating a special kind of bread (Ez 24:16-17). The Lord told Ezekiel not to do these customary things when his wife died. God told Ezekiel not to react normally for the purpose of showing His people that they did not react normally to the desecration of their sanctuary and the destruction of their children (Ez 24:21).

Are you reacting normally to the massacre of more than nine million infants annually in the USA through surgical and chemical abortions? Are you reacting normally to a large number of Catholics being unfaithful in their commitments to the Lord and His Church? What’s your reaction to massive marital breakdown, the decimation of religious communities, and a spiritually anorexic Church? Do you have a reaction? Are you normal enough to cry, groan, repent, pray, act, evangelize, and do penance?

PRAYER: Father, restore me to normality.
PROMISE: “Go, sell your possessions, and give to the poor. You will then have treasure in heaven. Afterward, come back and follow Me.” —Mt 19:21
PRAISE: St. Bernard was a greatly anointed Bible teacher. He wrote over eighty sermons on the first several chapters of The Song of Songs.

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