“Many will come from the east and the west and will find a place at the banquet in the kingdom of God.” —Matthew 8:11

Happy Advent and new Church year! God is doing big things. We can grow accustomed to thinking of the Christian life in terms of small gains seemingly no larger than mustard seeds; we likewise think of large difficulties, many crosses and failures, and rejections of the Lord by our loved ones. In the readings from the first Monday of Advent, we hear that “many will come” from all directions (Mt 8:11) to the Lord. They will stream toward His house in large throngs (see Is 2:2-3). They will come to the Lord’s house rejoicing and giving thanks (Ps 122:1, 4). God will cover His dwelling with large clouds and glory (Is 4:5-6). This will not be small but large and widely visible.

The Church sanctuary is bare this morning — the decorations have been stripped down from the recent grandeur of the feast of Christ the King, signifying the end of the previous Church year. However, the Advent Mass Scriptures think very big. Listen to the daily Mass readings this Advent. Allow the Lord to raise your mind to the greatness of His designs for the human race. God thinks big, acts big, and loves big. He will heal your wounded heart and raise you from defeat to glory. Make this an Advent to remember. Believe the Advent Scriptures.

PRAYER: Father, pour out on me an abundance of the spiritual gift of fear of the Lord. May I never regard You as a weak God.
PROMISE: “I will come and cure.” –Mt 8:7
PRAISE: Maria fled from her homeland to find her true home in God’s family.

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