Bible Stories for Children (Telugu)

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  1. jessy says:

    hai brother i like this stories as the same time i want many stories in my great master of the jesus

  2. shalem says:

    How can I download these children stories..I can’t see here any thing to download..pls help me

  3. virat vishwa says:

    hai brother, i need more stories

  4. surendar says:

    Awesome ……….i like …….

  5. vikram says:

    Awesome thank Q so much………… praise the lord

  6. abhishek says:

    Am so happy to this storys thank you so much

  7. Kumar says:

    Am so happy …..

  8. phani says:

    great storys tq

  9. rajeswari says:

    thank u sir ,i am sooooo happy, good thinking

  10. R.RAMESH says:

    dear jesus -my great master thanking for your share stories for all

  11. jesus christ says:

    Praise the lord brother…shall i make videos with these stories.

  12. paramesh says:

    praise the lord …. great job

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