Reap what you sow

The Gift

The Boston school was full of joy because it was Christmas time. The school was decorated; a huge Christmas tree was there with balloons here and there, teachers were busy teaching children dances, skits and many more. Days were passing.  students were asked to bring gifts . Bobby was  disobedient and  very mischievous . Since teacher would mix the gifts and give them all on the Christmas eve,  students were discussing what gift to buy . But Bobby did not show any interest. Next day all the students were placing their gifts in  a box but booby took a big...

Jesus with us

The protector

Rinu was walking home from school on a cold winter day. She took a shortcut through a forest and lost her way. It was getting late and she could not find any way. She was scared and alone. But then Rinu remembered what momma told her morning .Momma used to tell her every morning that Jesus sends his angles to protect her while she goes to school. Rinu immediately knelt down and said, “Jesus I know you watch over me. As you promised me that you’ll protect me through your angles, Please send your angle and help me to reach...

Prayer For Healing

God Loves You and Wants To Heal You Dear Loving Lord Jesus, You are the one who is merciful and gracious, towards me in times of sufferings and distress. Now I am in great agony suffering from this disease and I am unable to bear this terrible pain. Please forgive me for all my sins and heal me LORD, and I will be healed; I know for sure that nothing is impossible for you and You know what I need before I ask you. You said, “Ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it! Hence Lord...

My Prayer

My Prayer

Here I am , Lord! I thank you and praise you For all the wonderful blessings! I will delight in everything You have given me. I put my trust in you. You are always at my side, And today I will have everything I need. Forgive me for the times I have disappointed you. Guide me and teach me. Fill me with your power, So that in everything I do I will be a delight to you! Amen

Prayer of Consecration

Jesus shield me this day Dear Jesus be with me ,       before me,             behind me,                  in me,                      beneath me,                           above me,                                on my right,                                      on my left,                                          when i lie down,                                               when i arise,                                                    in the heart of everyone who thinks of me ,                                                        in the eyes that sees me                                                             and                                                                 in the ears that hears me. Amen

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