“Then they prayed, ‘O Lord, You read the hearts of men. Make known to us which of these two You choose for this apostolic ministry, replacing Judas, who deserted the cause and went the way he was destined to go.’ ” —Acts 1:24-25

Things break. People break and cry, and they break down and die. So many things and people break that we may give up fixing all the broken things, even the broken people. While we may take our time to fix broken things, we need to take broken people, broken hearts, broken relationships, and broken lives to the Lord immediately. He has fixed every person’s brokenness through His death and Resurrection, and He wants to show His love for the broken right away (see Ps 34:19).

After Jesus’ death, the apostles were broken. Judas had sold and betrayed Christ. Then he committed suicide. Peter denied Christ three times. All the apostles abandoned Christ. They all had sinned grievously. They were so broken that they refused to face their brokenness. But they began to turn to the Lord and pick up the pieces of their ruined lives when they sought the Lord’s will in replacing Judas. Matthias, Judas’ replacement, was the focal point of the apostles’ repenting of their lethargy and bringing their brokenness to the Lord.

Do you have a breakdown of communication, discipline, freedom, love, or hope in your life? How long have you let your brokenness sit there untouched? Deal with your Judases by calling on the Lord. The Lord will send you Matthiases of healing and hope. Then with all the brokenness of your life in the healing hands of the Lord, you can receive the Holy Spirit in a new Pentecost.

PRAYER: Father, may we make straight the way of the Holy Spirit.
PROMISE: “I no longer speak of you as slaves, for a slave does not know what his master is about. Instead, I call you friends, since I have made known to you all that I heard from My Father.” –Jn 15:15
PRAISE: St. Matthias’ appointment heralded the advent of apostolic succession (see Eph 2:20; Rv 21:14).

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