Today’s Promise : Call on Me when you are in trouble and I will rescue you

Psalm 91:15 (WEB)
He will call on me, and I will answer him.
I will be with him in trouble.
I will deliver him, and honor him.

Promise #42: Call on Me when you are in trouble and I will rescue you.


When we are in trouble, God is ready and waiting to help us. We don’t have to try and convince Him to come to our aid, for that is what good fathers do for their kids. No matter what the situation, good parents are always there to help their children when they need it.

When our children were young, nothing would stop my wife and I from rushing to their side when they needed help. I believe every good parent that is reading this devotional thought would feel the same way too.

God is no different than a loving parent …with the exception that He is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent and the absolute most loving, best Father in the universe! Psalm 91 is full of promises of God’s protection and His readiness to help us when we are in trouble.

If you are in a situation today where you need to be rescued, call out to God. He encourages you to call out to Him for He is ready, willing and able to be with you in your time of trouble and rescue you when you need to be saved! …For that is what good fathers do.

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