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Today, we pray for the judged

Lord Jesus, we bring to Your Cross those who are judged the harshest by each one of us, the Pharisees of today. The teen with the tattoo, the sulky colleague, the temperamental boss, the whining elder, the insensitive partner, the cutting friend, the alcoholic neighbour, the gossipy stranger and many more faces we meet daily…may we see them all as You see them, holy and perfect creations in an imperfect world. Let us not judge, lest we be judged by You. Forgive and heal us, each time before we even think of lifting our fingers to point at our own...

Today, we pray for families

Lord Jesus, today we bring to You all the families in the world. Lord, the evil one is destroying families and close relationships. We pray that all families are protected and that strife is routed in Your mighty name. May members of families learn the importance of praying – together and for each other. And through the power of that prayer, may we always live in physical and emotional togetherness and love. Amen.

Today, we pray for everyone who has asked us for prayers

Lord Jesus, today we bring to You people who have ever requested our prayer support. The friend, the member of the family, the acquaintance, the colleague, the neighbour, the religious and the stranger – we bring them all to the foot of Your cross today, seeking that Your mighty Holy Spirit will touch them, heal their hearts and refresh their spirits. Answer their needs today, whatever they may be, Oh Jesus. May they clearly know today that no prayer returns unanswered. Bless them and their own. Thank You for giving us an opportunity to intercede for them. Amen.

Today, we pray for inner healing

Lord Jesus. today we bring to You our wounds. Oh God who healed every wounded and ill that came to You, have mercy on us all. May Your love that surpasses all human understanding fill us, cleanse us and strengthen us. Remove from each one of us any deep inner wounds which we got right from the time we were conceived, up to this day. Remove all memories of harsh, unfair words spoken and deeds done against us. We pray that we can forgive and forget, and help heal the ones we have wounded too. Amen.

Today, we pray for Your anointing

Lord Jesus, today we pray that Your power falls on us. May a heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit fall on each one of us – the young and the old, men and women and people from all walks of life. May the world come to see Your glory and the manifestation of it. May Your people come together in one Spirit to praise You as one church, one flock. May Your Spirit cleanse, heal and renew us all. Use us completely for You, Lord, after that. Amen.

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