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“In the vision I saw during the night, suddenly the four winds of heaven stirred up the great sea, from which emerged four immense beasts, each different from the others.” —Daniel 7:2-3 Daniel must have been afraid to go to sleep, considering the terrifying visions he had. He witnessed hundreds of years of history represented by four monsters. The first one was like a lion standing upright and having a human mind and eagle’s wings that were to be plucked (Dn 7:4). The second beast was like a bear with three tusks used to devour much flesh (Dn 7:5). The...


“The Pharisees were saying, ‘He casts out demons through the prince of demons.’ Jesus continued His tour of all the towns and villages. He taught in their synagogues, He proclaimed the good news of God’s reign, and He cured every sickness and disease.” —Matthew 9:34-35 The Lord commands us to avoid evil and to do good. A further stage of holiness is to do good and not be appreciated. Next, we can do good secretly to make sure we are not appreciated (see Mt 6:3-4). The next level is to do good, knowing that we will not only be unappreciated...

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