“The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” –Romans 6:23

A man interviewed for two jobs, was offered both, and now had to make his choice. Both companies offered warm working conditions (Lk 12:49; Mt 5:22).

The first company is called Sin, Inc. (Rm 6:12-13, 20). Job responsibilities for the first few years feature variable hours, with lots of “working” from home. Pay for the early part of his career is in the form of a great deal of pleasure. Pay in future years is back-ended lump-sum payments of guilt, self-hatred, and shame. At first the boss is lenient, but later will be a stern taskmaster. The retirement package features grinding of teeth (without dental coverage) and eternal damnation (see Mt 22:13; Rm 6:23).

The second company is named Righteousness, Inc. (Rm 6:13, 19). Job responsibilities for the entire career feature much labor in the field (Mt 9:37; 20:1ff). Travel is required, sometimes without lodging (Lk 9:58), and often without a travel allowance (Mt 10:9-10). Future years will feature large increases in responsibility (Mt 25:21) and the expectations of ever-increasing productivity (Lk 12:48). So much discipline is involved that the employees are actually called “disciples” (Acts 11:26). Nonetheless, employee morale is very high, even overflowing with love and joy. The Boss seems like a “hard Man” (Mt 25:24), but is tender and forgiving toward employees who regret their mistakes (Ps 103:12). The company’s retirement package features endless joy and bliss in heaven (see Mt 25:34).

Which job offer do you think the man will accept? Which one would you choose?

PRAYER: Father, I offer myself as a servant of righteousness, not of sin (Rm 6:13). Use me as a laborer for Your harvest (Mt 9:38).

PROMISE: “I have come to light a fire on the earth. How I wish the blaze were ignited!” –Lk 12:49

PRAISE: Jesus healed Larry of allergies.

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