Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord

Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord

While pondering Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord,
We must in great reverence remember His word.
Gethsemane’s silence keeps secret His pain,
But for our deliverance our Messiah was slain.
The suffering which saves us and opens the Door
Will bring us Salvation and Life evermore.
He knows our afflictions, He knows all our grief,
And if we are faithful, we’ll soon find relief.
Relieved from our struggles, our sorrows, our cares-
Our hearts will grow fonder the more frequent our prayers.
So let us remember, with hearts turned to Him,
To watch for the Knock so that He may come in.
Or, like the five virgins in foolish repose,
We cannot see the Bridegroom; the Doors are now closed.

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