Christ the King Church

Christ the King Church is an architectural marvel that resides in the campus of Loyola College, in Chennai city. The church is situated in the Nungambakkam region of the metropolitan city. Nungambakkam Railway Station lies very close to the college premises and as such can easily be accessed from distant suburbs.

In the year 1931, French clergymen commissioned an Indian architect named S.A. Gnanaprakasam Pillai, for the construction of the church. On 6th March, the then Archbishop of Chennai (Madras at that time) inaugurated the church. The architectural marvel was built by employing bricks and lime mortar. The building represents a typical Gothic style structure featuring high vaults, stairway leading to the spire and pointed arches. The spire of the building reaches to an incredible height of 157 feet from the ground. The church building occupies an area of 9000 square feet, with the length and breadth spread as 150 feet and 60 feet respectively. The stained glass windows seems to close the church perimeters into an aura of spiritual high. There is a small path, kind of a side walk that leads from the college entrance to the chapel.

The church activities include a regular mass, for the students and the people living in the vicinity. Marriage ceremonies, of college alumni and staff only, are also held in the premises of Christ the King Church.

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