Curiosity or care to change?

Rev 14: 14-19 ; Lk 21: 5-11

When will these things happen? We are more interested in knowing when certain things will happen and curious about predictions and premonitions, than understanding what is the right thing to be done and make the right moves in life at the right time.

Mistakenly we postpone the necessary and crucial transformations in life for an opportune time which sometimes does not come at all or it gets too late by the time they come by. The month of November insists on the urgency that is involved in personal conversion and community dedication to growth and maturity in faith. And specially this season leading us to the season of advent gives us a better understanding of the end time spirituality that we are called to live in these times.

Mindful of the short time that we have, we have a calling to live: live our lives to the full, here and now.

– Antony Christy SDB (Salesians of Don Bosco)

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