Divine Blood of Jesus

In the Divine Blood, Jesus signed and sealed,
The promise of salvation, the power to be healed.

The vision of heaven, is here for all to see,
If it’s a cloudy picture, there’s doubt in your belief.

A song for my Jesus, a praise to my Lord,
If I had to pay the price, I could never afford.

Our Lord, He did pay, the price for my success,
At Calvary, Christ died, unspeakable joy & happiness.

All of this while being beaten and nailed to the cross,
Scorned & abused it was only Divine Blood He lost.

What Jesus gained was greater than He could ever loose that day,
For when my Lord died on the cross, that’s when my soul was saved.

By the Blood of Jesus, farther than the eye can see,
My soul was released, further setting me free.

Spiked nails driven through hands & feet, a spear bludgeoned His side,
Could you endure this pain & suffering for the world? Certainly not I.

Ask and pray through the Blood, igniting the Kingdom within,
Awakening The Holy Spirit, for the promises to begin.

We have victory over the evil one because of His Blood,
Let the tears of our Lord & Savoir rain on your life with love.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross, with Divine Blood being shed,
Creating Love and Salvation, for you to put it to bed.

Get up, stand tall and bright like the sun, arise,
Calvary was for you not Him, stake claim to your heavenly prize.

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