Elakurichi -Rosary Park

Elakurichi is one of the historical shrine in Tamil Nadu. Its origin goes back to the beginning of the 18th Century. The Catholics, who suffered percecution under the Tanjore kingdom crossed the border   to Elakurichi seeking shelter as well as to save their Catholic faith.In this shrine A 120 feet statue of Adaikala Matha  is being under construction.As part of this, making an offering to build this will help us to finish the project.

The fame of Elakurichi was known the whole of Tamilnadu right from the time of Veeramamunivar. The signs that our Blessed Mother smiles, touches upon the rosary, speaks with out words, invite us to spread her glory further to the whole world. As a small step, we plan with the blessings and approval of our beloved bishop of kumbakonam, Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. Antonysamy.DD, to construct a Rosary park, 120 feet high with five layers

Ist Layer

All the statues of Our Lady appeared in different parts of the world will be erected with their historical background and importance.

2nd Layer

The history of Elakurichi and miracles of Adaikalamadha will be displayed. The life history of Veeramamunivar and his literary master pieces will also be exhibited.

3rd Layer (Bible in Digital)

Lots of childern do visit the Shrine regularly. In order to attract them towards the word of God, the biblical stories will be shown in sound and light.

4th Layer

As we go up we also need to raise our minds and hearts. Adoration Chapel will adorn the top of the Tower.

Top Layer

On top, we will erect 53 feet statue of Our Blessed Mother (Adaikalamadha – Our Lady of Refuge) made out of mixture of five metals (Pancha Logam) by world renowned sculptures (stabathis) from Swamimalai, Tamilnadu, India


Ground floor: Apparition of Our Blessed Mother in various part of the world displayed either in Glass paintings or in Statues.

First floor: Museum. The history of the shrine and the miracles of Our Lady at Elakurichi.

Second floor: Bible in Digital.

Third floor: Adoration chapel.

Seven feet pedestal and on top of it the STATUE OF OUR BLESSED MOTHER for 53 feet.

Note: The face and the right foot of Adaikalamadha will be made out of five metals (pancha Loga) namely Gold, Silver, copper, Brass and zinc.


Rev. Fr. S. Lourdusamy, Parish Priest
Shrine of Our Lady of Refuge,
Elakurichy P.O. Tirumanur Via
Ariyalur District – 621 715, South India
Email Id: adaikalamadha@adaikalamadha.org
Phone: 04329 246222 / +91 94431 06972

Donations Details:

Bank A/C Details

Bank Name     : Bank of India

Holder Name  : Parish Priest

A/C No           : 831510110001752

Branch Name  : Elakurichy

IFSC Code       : BKID0008315


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