“They, in turn, convened with the elders and worked out their strategy, giving the soldiers a large bribe.” –Matthew 28:12

Mass Readings: April 2
First: Acts 2:14,22-33; Resp: Psalm 16:1-2,5,7-11; Gospel: Matthew 28:8-15

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Satan’s first attempt to keep the great news of Jesus’ Resurrection from a world enslaved by death was to bribe the guards at Jesus’ tomb. Money from large international organizations is being used “to this very day” (Mt 28:15) in prodigious amounts to finance the culture of death and temporarily obscure the message of the Resurrection.

Although this approach has had both limited and even some long-term success (see Mt 28:15), it is primarily a proven failure. Mary Magdalene and another Mary had no resources by the world’s standards; yet they became the first to announce the message of the Resurrection which has been proclaimed to all nations (Mt 28:1ff). Peter was a simple Galilean fisherman in the midst of thousands of pilgrims in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost. Who would listen to him? Yet three thousand people accepted Peter’s witness for his risen Lord and were baptized (Acts 2:14, 41).

If you have faith in the risen Christ but no money, prestige, or worldly power, you have all you need to witness for the risen Christ. Because of your faith, you will reach many thousands of people with the good news of Jesus’ Resurrection, and you are unstoppable. Even if Jesus’ opponents kill you, your resurrection-witness will not be stopped but will be given the ultimate credibility and power. All you need is faith in order to be Jesus’ witness.

PRAYER: Father, give me faith to move not only mountains but also to witness for the risen Jesus (see Mt 17:20).
PROMISE: “This is the Jesus God has raised up, and we are His witnesses.” —Acts 2:32
PRAISE: Alleluia! Praise the risen Jesus, Who leads us to all truth.

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