Feet, Hands and Blood of Jesus

Feet, Hands and Blood of Jesus

Feet that walked on water
with the power of the Father
calmed Peter’s fears
and rid him of his cares.

Feet that were ridden in soil
became cleansed and doused in oil
by a young girl named Mary-
her sins she would no longer carry.

Feet that were nailed to the cross
while his mother weeped at her loss,
the soldiers jeered at the King of the Jews
and his followers knelt down as if in the pews.

Hands that calmed a mighty storm
causing it to recede back to its norm
were hands that clasped to pray
thanking the Father for this day.

Hands that broke and blessed bread-
a crowd of five thousand people fed.
These hands fondled a lamb so white
and were the same to give a blind man sight.

Blood instilled in Jesus’ veins
removed all of our sinful stains
when on the cross he died
while God the Father in Heaven cried.

Blood that came with a price
this act could not be reversed in a trice-
His blood splayed on the cross for all to see,
the sacrifice on earth that he made just for me.

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