“Have you found me out, my enemy?” –1 Kings 21:20

May our enemies find us out, that is, find out that we genuinely love them in truth. May our enemies find us out, that is, find out that we are praying and fasting for them, and offering Masses and sacrifices for them. May our enemies find us out, finding that we have no hatred in our hearts for them, but only true love (Mt 5:44ff).

May our enemies find us out, that is, find out that after we have suffered loss and pain as a result of their hatred, and despite our wounds suffered through their efforts, discover that we actually love them with a true, supernatural love. May our enemies find us at the foot of the cross, laying down our pain at Jesus’ feet and receiving in turn Jesus’ love for them.

In finding us out, may our enemies also find Jesus out. May they find out how deeply Jesus loves them. May they find God out – so deeply that they come to receive eternal life, salvation, and eternal joy in heaven with God – and with us – forever. “Love your enemies” (Mt 5:44).

PRAYER: Father, may I give You glory by receiving the Holy Spirit and choosing to forgive my enemies.
PROMISE: “Have mercy on me, O God, in Your goodness; in the greatness of Your compassion wipe out my offense. Thoroughly wash me from my guilt and of my sin cleanse me.” —Ps 51:3-4
PRAISE: St. Romuald fought harder against temptations as he grew older. He would frequently be reduced to tears with the “boiling, indescribable heat of divine Love.”

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