Generous Father

Father thank you for being a loving caring God.
Thank you for all the blessings including our daily bread.
Thank you for Jesus and the precious blood that he once shed.

Thank you for giving me these eyes that I may see.
The beauties of this wonderful earth.
Trees, Birds, the Flowers and all that you created for me.

Thank you for the people that come into our lives.
The children that we love so much.
Our neighbors and our wives.

Thank you for the Christians that stand up for Jesus each day.
No matter what this world may think.
These believers never sway.

Thank you for all the guidance that comes from up above.
Your always there to lead me.
I am truly grateful for your love.

Thank you for this heart you have given me to feel.
The love and beauty that’s all around me.
A love for my Savior that nothing else can steel.

Thank you for listening to my prayers I send along your way.
Sometimes I stumble through them.
Thank you for listening to them today.

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