“Tobiah arose from bed and said to his wife: ‘My love, get up. Let us pray.’ ” –Tobit 8:4

Look what happens when a married couple welcomes God into the bedroom. They marry “for a noble purpose” (Tb 8:7), such as convincing the world that Jesus loves the Church by reflecting God’s love in their marriage (Eph 5:25, 32). They pray together, lead holy lives, and pass godly faith to the next generation.

You may think that what happens in your bedroom impacts only you and your spouse. On the contrary, your “private” actions impact your children, extended family, and the world. In fact, Jesus proclaims that your private words and actions “in locked rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftops” (Lk 12:3). Moreover, if God is evicted from your bedroom, Satan moves in (see Lk 11:24-26). The work of the evil one is to destroy marriages and families. Your private actions and attitudes of mistrust in God are displayed publicly through unforgiveness, bitterness, and mistrust of your spouse, all of which sow the seeds of divorce.

Married couples, do you neglect to pray together? Have you practiced artificial contraception, sterilization, or abortion? Is your marriage honored in every way and your marriage bed still undefiled? (see Heb 13:4) Repent of any lack of trust in God for your marriage. God’s reputation is at stake. The world is watching your marriage. Will the world decide by observing your marriage that God is worthy of trust?

PRAYER: Jesus, may all married couples accept you as Lord.

PROMISE: “Your marriage to her has been decided in heaven!” –Tb 7:11

PRAISE: John shared his faith in Jesus at his workplace for the first time. Initially, he was rejected, but later a coworker sought him out and was converted.

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