God’s Miraculous Works Inspired This Beautiful Poem – Praise Be to God

Wallace Moreland fell into a deep coma following a near-fatal accident. He had three open skull fractions. Miraculously, he woke up from that coma and was even able to tell doctors his name. They gave him a pad and paper to write out messages since his jaw was wired shut. In that hospital bed, Wallace wrote the inspirational poem, “One Of Those Days.”

He wrote this during his recovery and you can truly feel his awe at the wonders of God’s miracles in his life. Read his poem below and think about the different ways God has blessed or protected you in your life.


As night slowly changes to day, drying the evening dew
Birds sing a song of love, to me and to you
Singing one of those days
One of those days to feel the warmth of the sun upon our face
To breathe the breath of life, given to us freely
To contently watch a streams water as it runs from distant snow
capped mountains, on its long journey to the sea
To peer into the sky and see and eagle in flight, forever so free
One of those days
One of those days to open our heart and eyes to the one true
light and recognize His truth, peace, and serenity
One of those days to see the children around the world play
without the scars of prejudice, injustice and hate
As loved one’s embrace, tears of joy runs down their face
One of those days to share this world
One of those days to share, His love
One of those days to thank God, for all of our days
One of those days
Let it be today….

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