God’s Plan

Some things we may not understand,
But this one thing is clear;
We reap the things which we have sown,
In joy or bitter tears.
God made us good, just like Himself,
And planned that we should sow;
His righteousness day after day,
That nobly we should grow.

We failed the Lord in His good plan,
Forbidden fruit we ate;
And thus the penalty of death,
Became our final fate.
God loved us with such tender love,
A council thus was called;
And in the council plans were made,
To save us from the fall.

In brief the story may be told,
God gave His only Son;
That man might have a second chance,
The race of life to run.
Not as a fool to lose his soul,
But as a soldier brave;
Believing in the Son of God,
By whom we now are saved.

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