God’s Touch

Wild flowers of the valley
That God created with love
Every flower has its own beauty
That God made with his touch

People are like the flowers
With Gods touch they will bloom
Without his blessing showers
Their beauty will be ruin

Gods loving touch is everywhere
Just look and you shall see
His gentle hands and their sweetness
Made everything perfect and neat

He sent his son down to this earth
For our mortal sinful ways
Let’s be very thankful
What he did for us that day

Let’s keep him in our spirit
Follow him with your whole heart
For he is the key to Heaven
Capture this in thy hearts

God’s touch is to mankind
As the rain is to the flowers
Without it they have no hope
They would wilt and cannot survive

Blessing will be upon upon us
When we will follow his ways
Eternal life we will receive
Peace and his wondrous grace

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