“Your wound shall quickly be healed.” —Isaiah 58:8

In a world of suffering, pain, and brokenness, the Lord makes the amazing promise of quick healing. This promise, like many of the Lord’s promises, is preceded and followed by several commands. The Lord commands us to fast in the right spirit and serve the basic needs of the poor (Is 58:6-7). Then He will fulfill several promises, if we are willing to respond to these graces by obeying further commands related to doing justice (Is 58:9ff).

When we are hurting, we tend to want God to heal us so that we can return to the lifestyle that may have contributed to our sickness. However, the Lord wants our healing to be the centerpiece of major developments in our lives based on repentance, love, justice, and mercy.

Will we accept healing on the Lord’s terms? Will we let Him be Lord of our healing and Lord of our lives? Will we let the Lord tear down and restructure our lives through healing? Will you subordinate your healing to the Lord, the Healer? (see Mk 2:1ff)

PRAYER: Father, I repent of making an idol of my lifestyle. I accept Jesus as my Lord.
PROMISE: “I determined that while I was with you I would speak of nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” –1 Cor 2:2
PRAISE: “The God of our fathers has raised up Jesus whom you put to death, hanging him on a tree” (Acts 5:30). Alleluia!

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