“Remember, now, you have been cured. Give up your sins so that something worse may not overtake you.” –John 5:14

Fr. Al Lauer, founder and long-time author of One Bread, One Body, preached often on healing. One of his frequent exhortations during healing services was: “God heals you for service in His Kingdom. He didn’t heal you so you could be the healthiest person in hell!”

Father Al often referred to Peter’s mother-in-law as the model of one who received healing. She was suffering from a fever. Jesus healed her, and immediately she got up and began to wait on Jesus and the apostles. That’s the goal: to be healed from our physical and spiritual infirmities, and to be healed for service, evangelization, worship, and a life of holiness.

A man had been infirm for thirty-eight years. Jesus then exhorted him to give up his sins so that nothing “worse” could happen to him (Jn 5:14). There is something worse than thirty-eight years of being bedridden: a life of sin and an eternity in hell.

Jesus’ healing is both spiritual and physical. He doesn’t heal halfway. “Give up your sins” (Jn 5:14) and let Jesus touch you with His healing love for a life of service in His kingdom.

PRAYER: Jesus, use me to lead thousands of people to receive Your healing.

PROMISE: “God is our Refuge and our Strength, an ever-present help in distress. Therefore we fear not.” –Ps 46:2-3

PRAISE: In imitation of the Father, St. Patrick forgot the sins committed against him (see Ps 103:12). He freely chose to return to his former captors to teach them the good news.

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