Today’s Promise: I will not abandon My own inheritance

Psalm 94:14 (WEB)
For Yahweh won’t reject his people,
neither will he forsake his inheritance.

Promise #186: I will not abandon My own inheritance.


My natural children are my children for life. No matter what they do, they are still my kids. While parents aren’t always happy with the decisions their children make, that does not change the fact that they are still part of the family. Today’s promise is a good reminder that the Lord will never reject us because He has made us His own inheritance. The NLT Bible calls us His ‘special possession’.

Sometimes when we relate to God, it is as if we are picking the petals off of a flower, all the while saying “He loves me, He loves me not”. Many times our reasoning behind such a concept is that our acceptance to Him is based on what we do and not who we are.

I praise God that His love for me is not based on my performance but on the once and for all finished work of Jesus Christ. When I received Christ into my life, I became part of the Father’s amazing family! I am part of a family that My heavenly Dad has promised to never abandon.

My prayer today is that we would all rest in the amazing truth that we are safe and secure in our Father’s love for us. He will not abandon or forsake us…EVER! Simply because He has chosen to make us part of His amazing family.

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