In Gratitude

In Gratitude
Lord, I am grateful for sins forgiven,
for every blessing bestowed,
for all the chances you give me,
and for seeds of faith that were sowed.

I thank you for Godly people.
I see you in their eyes.
They give me hope for the future.
Let me learn from them and be wise.

Bless those in need of mercy.
Bless those who give from the heart.
Grant comfort to those long forgotten.
Help them to make a new start.

Teach us to care for the hurting
in body, in spirit and mind.
Make us a better people;
teach us how to be kind.

Let perseverance overcome of failure.
Humble us to get down on our knees,
then help us to muster the courage
to stand for what we believe.

Show us the path of righteousness
and lead us by your light.
Send your angels to protect us
from temptation that lurks day and night.

Strengthen us in times of strife.
Give us hope for the future ahead.
Grant faith in life ever after
as we vow with the broken bread.

Let us feel the depth of your love for us
and acknowledge the sacrifice you made.
For all the sins of mankind,
there was a mighty price that you paid.

Let us understand what you suffered;
the pain, the agony and grief.
If each of us gave all we have,
it would offer you little relief.

Though each of us is different,
there is something we all can do
to live a life of honor
that praises and glorifies you.

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