Jacob and Easu

As Isaac was getting older, he wanted to divide his possessions between his two sons. He would give his elder son, Easu, a special blessing, and would pass on to him the promise which God hade made to Abraham. Easu was a clever archer and did not care much for his father’s blessing or for God’s word. He cared more about being a good hunter. Jacob however loved his father and cared for God’s word. He always wished he was the elder son so that he can receive this blessing.  As the years went by and the two brother were grown men, Isaac was old and nearly blind.  He could not distinguish his son’s faces, but he knew them apart by their voices. He also used to touch them and he knew the strong hairy arms of his favorite son Easu.
One day, Isaac called his son Easu and told him “My son, take your bow and arrow and go hunting. I want you to cook for me a meal that I will love, then I will give you my blessing before I die.”   Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, heard the conversation between Isaac and Easu. She called her favorite son, Jacob, and told him what his father said to Easu. “My son, Obey my voice, go hunt as well and bring the hunting to me so that I can prepare a meal for your father. Then you shall take it to him and you will get the blessing.” Jacob was afraid that his father would recognize him from the smoothness of his arms.  When the meal was ready, Rebekah called Jacob and made him wear a coat that belongs to Easu.  She also tied pieces of hairy goat skin on his arms and hands and sent him to his father.
“Come near me my son” said Isaac to Jacob. “These are Easu’s hairy hands, and the coat is Easu’s  and it smells of the fields” thought the old man. Isaac dined from the meat and wine that Jacob brought for him, and he gave him the wished-for blessing. After Jacob left, Easu returned from the fields and went to see his father. “Who are you?” Isaac said As he heard Easu’s footsteps. “I am your first born son, and I have brought you the meal that you may eat it and give me your blessing” Easu replied.  Isaac trembled as as he heard this. “Who is it that came before you, brought the meal and took the blessing?” Isaac said. Eausu wept for the blessing which he began to value when he knew it could not be his.  He left his father in anger and set out to kill his brother Jacob.  When his mother saw him, she knew what he was up to and feared for the life of her favorite son Jacob.  Rebekah told Jacob “My son, you must leave this place until your brother’s anger has passed”. Jacob, received the last blessing from his father and left home without seeing his brother again.

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