“People were bringing their little children to Him to have Him touch them, but the disciples were scolding them…Jesus became indignant when He noticed it and said to them: ‘Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them.’ ” –Mark 10:13-14

Jesus loves children. He created children. He’s the only Person Who ever intentionally became a Child. He embraces and blesses children (Mk 10:16). He makes children a sign, a sacrament of His kingdom (Mk 10:15).

Jesus wants His disciples to imitate Him in His love for children. He wants:

  • married couples to joyfully conceive children,
  • children to be cherished, not aborted,
  • parents to bring up their children “with the training and instruction befitting the Lord” (Eph 6:4),
  • parents to bless and pray with their children daily,
  • parents to lead their children to give their lives totally to Jesus,
  • children to receive the Holy Spirit as soon as possible (see Lk 1:15),
  • children to be prepared at an early age for their vocations as married people, single for the Lord, priests, or religious,
  • children to be protected and not exposed to the toxic influences of our culture of death, and
  • godparents to repeatedly share their faith with their godchildren.

In a culture where children are avoided, aborted, abused, and disrespected, Jesus is the Savior of children. Jesus proclaims: “Let the children come to Me” (Mk 10:14).

PRAYER: Father, may children see Jesus in me and may I see Jesus in them.
PROMISE: “All their actions are clear as the sun to Him, His eyes are ever upon their ways.” –Sir 17:15
PRAISE: Linda prays daily for her miscarried children.

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