“Knock and it shall be opened to you.” –Luke 11:9

Mass Readings: October 12
First: Malachi 3:13-20; Resp: Psalm 1:1-4,6; Gospel: Luke 11:5-13

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We are accustomed to thinking we are the ones knocking and God is the One Who is not answering. In reality, God is the One knocking at the door of our heart (see Rv 3:20). We are like the man inside the house in today’s Gospel passage (Lk 11:7); we tend to not want to get up out of bed for morning Mass or prayer.

In truth, even the most hardened sinner on the planet has been given sufficient grace to raise his or her heart to God in prayer. God calmly and quietly and constantly knocks on the door of every human heart. Many, however, drown out the quiet sound of His knocking with the noise of this world. Let us ask, knock, and seek for these people to accept the grace to open their hearts to the Lord.

The way we ask, knock, and seek is to beg the Lord to give us an all-consuming desire for holiness. Ask in more faith, with more persistence (Lk 18:1). Ask for people, both great and small, to be converted to faith in the Lord. Ask with persistence and perseverance.

PRAYER: Father, may I spend the rest of my life faithfully interceding for many thousands of people to accept the salvation You offer them.
PROMISE: “For you who fear My name, there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays.” –Mal 3:20
PRAISE: Joan prays several times a day for her children to mature in the Faith.

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