Live Mass from Velankanni

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Velankanni Live Mass Timings:
05:40 am Morning Prayer (Every Day)
06:00 am Mass in Tamil (Every Day)
07:00 am Mass In Tamil (Monday to Saturday)
08:00 am Mass In Telugu (Every Day)
09:00 am Mass In Malayalam (Every Day)
10:00 am Mass In English (Every Day)
11:00 am Mass In Hindi (Every Day)
12:00 noon Mass In Tamil (Every Day)
03:00 pm – 04:00 pm Prayer (Every Day)
04:00 pm Mass In Tamil (Every Day)
05:00 pm Mass In Tamil (Sunday Only)
06:00 pm Novena Prayer and Mass In Tamil (Every Day)

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  1. kranthi kumaru says:

    Telugu masu

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