“Jesus said: ‘Let the children come to Me. Do not hinder them.’ ” –Matthew 19:14

Jesus loves children. This means not only that He gives them special graces but also that He expects us to provide the best circumstances for children to grow. This means Jesus expects us to:

  • try hard to stop abortion and contraception,
  • change our lifestyle and make any other decisions necessary to do something about the millions of starving children in the world,
  • promote the covenant of marriage, in which children should be conceived and raised,
  • not condone promiscuity, which often deprives children of two parents,
  • pray and be compassionate with those hurting from divorce,
  • if married, pray daily with your spouse for your children,
  • pray daily with your family,
  • fight hard against all pornography, in particular child pornography,
  • promote parents as the primary educators of their children,
  • promote daily family catechesis, especially family Bible reading, and
  • censor TV and other media so that nothing enters our homes and consciousness which Jesus has not approved.

To love children entails many things. We must sacrifice to love children, for Jesus has clearly shown this to be His will. Love children as Jesus loves children.

PRAYER: Father, I will take up the cross of loving children.
PROMISE: “I have no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies, says the Lord God. Return and live!” —Ez 18:32
PRAISE: The desire to attend Mass is so strong in Thomas that he rises an hour early to attend morning Mass before high-school.

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