“They began to gather in great numbers. There was no longer any room for them, even around the door.” –Mark 2:2

In the Gospels, especially in Mark’s Gospel, we read about Jesus being surrounded by such large crowds that it was almost impossible to approach Him. Consequently, some people thought up various ways to get through, around, or over the crowds. They stepped on one another (Lk 12:1), pushed each other (Mk 3:10), climbed a tree (Lk 19:4), and even made a hole in the roof of the house where Jesus was staying (Mk 2:4).

There can often be major obstacles between us and Jesus. The media, our jobs, our lifestyles, and the whole culture of death can crowd us out of a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus. We need:

stretcher bearers, that is, intercessors, to carry us around and over the crowd to Jesus (see Mk 2:3ff),
to look foolish and take risks so as to get to Jesus (see Mk 2:4),
our sins forgiven (Mk 2:5), and
to make a stand for Jesus (Mk 2:11).
By faith, make like a helicopter. Get over the crowd. Get to Jesus no matter what it takes.

PRAYER: Father, make me want to be close to Jesus more than I want to live.

PROMISE: “Let us strive to enter into that rest.” –Heb 4:11

PRAISE: Strong temptations have prompted Lawrence to turn to God more often, and victory over them has strengthened his will and his faith.

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