Mother Mary


“Mary, Mother of God, share your softness and your tenderness with your child that is   tranquility and strength reflected in your image. There is no distance between you gently when you offer us your full embrace. He loves you. Yes, no doubt! Oh how this boy loves you! Mother are molded as one. Your body Your body, Your flesh of your flesh, your heart with your heart. We praise and thank you for your participation in humanity.
As a strong magnet, strong, peaceful, Your eyes put it in mine. Bríndanos calm, quiet staring endlessly with your nine centuries of wisdom reflected. I ask only one thing for me: to share the love you share. Love is not tenderness soft, smooth, in the sense of weakness. Love is soft in the sense of force: durable as radical unit, without breaking or cracking.
Lady of Tenderness, your gaze is both statement and question: If this is the unit you are looking for – a love so strong between God and man that nothing can break – then I can at least try to love as he has Indeed the beloved? I can not at least try to break down the barriers that separate nations? I can not make my decisions in your presence and under your eyes – the presence of this call for unity of the fullness of tender love?
Mary, maybe if I stop long enough to look back, to allow sufficient time to love tenderly for just a moment, I can learn from you what it really means wisdom. “
Prayer to the Immaculate Virgin Mary Lady, I believe and confess your holy and
Immaculate Conception pure and spotless.
Oh Immaculate Virgin!,
for your virginal purity,
your Immaculate Conception
quality of your glorious Mother of God,
obtain for your beloved Son of humility,
charity, great purity of heart,
body and spirit,
a holy perseverance in good,
the gift of prayer,
a good life and a holy death.
Amen “
Mother Mary concepcion

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