My God and I

This is the day the Lord has made,
No trouble can ruin its glow;
His hand is on the reigns
That guide its onward flow.

His eye is on the sparrow
Lest it fall down from the sky;
He sends the current upward
To help it learn to fly.

Much more am I in His vision,
He observes my every move,
He gently guides me onward,
Nudging me in His love.

I am the apple of His eye,
Fully bought and reconciled
By the precious blood of Jesus,
His Son both meek and mild.

My path goes always upward,
My goal is pleasing Him;
Obedience ever my password
On the pathway straight and slim.

To see His smile approving me
Seeing in me His precious son,
And hearing His commendation,
“Welcome home, my child, well done.”

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