My Hope is in Jesus Christ

Through life I’ve sang Salvation’s song
I’ve had my ups and downs
I’ve tried my best to do no wrong
But still I’ve raised some frowns

I love my God with heart and soul
Though still I feel some pain
Christ washed me clean He made me whole
I’m free and born again

By grace, I’m in Salvation’s hand
In Christ my life is new
Through faith I’ve learned to understand
That Jesus’ love is true

Within my Lord I’m more than glad
We talk both night and day
I seek His joy when feeling sad
And for His peace I pray

I’m growing old my hair is white
My blood is running thin
But praise the Lord for giving Light
And freeing me of sin

The world may say my life is through
Now soon I’ll see my grave
Yet while I’m here I’ll share with you
That Christ is here to save

Although of aged flesh and bone
Of death I’ve no more fear
For Jesus changed this heart of stone
And came to dwell in here

Upon the Lord we can depend
Through Him we learn to cope
I’ll stay in Christ until the end
In Him! I’ve placed my hope.

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