“You sent something for my needs, not once but twice.” –Philippians 4:16

St. Paul told the Philippians that receiving money from them gave him great joy, but not because he needed the money (Phil 4:10-11). Paul had learned to be self-sufficient, and cope with anything (Phil 4:11-12). Therefore, he was not in want and not eager for the Philippians’ monetary gifts, but he was concerned for them to balance their account and pay for the service He gave them (Phil 4:17).

Paul gave the impression that the Church doesn’t need money, but people need to give money. The Church is doing us a favor by taking up a collection. We should be grateful to the Church for letting us give money for God’s work. We should be begging the Church insistently for the favor of giving up our money (2 Cor 8:4).

Are we in the same Church to which Paul belonged? Our churches say they’re in need. We think we’re doing the Church a favor when we give. We’re tempted not to give; we’re not tempted to give too much (see 2 Cor 8:12). Does Paul know something we don’t know? Is our relationship with Christ different than His?

PRAYER: Father, may I give to Your Church as never before.
PROMISE: “Make friends for yourselves through your use of this world’s goods, so that when they fail you, a lasting reception will be yours.” –Lk 16:9
PRAISE: Pope St. Leo the Great both encouraged and defended the Faith. With great trust in God, he defended Rome against the Barbarian attack, and Rome was spared.

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