New Year Prayer

Father God,

I come before you with deep concern and passion in my heart for your creations here on earth.  We need you so much.  Lord I thank you for creating us and giving us life.  I thank you for your love.  I know you know all that we are going through and I thank you for the promises you gave us in your word.  Please help us to remember your promises. 

For your children…please help us this year to be all that you want us to be and use us as we are available to you for service.  Please help us with our health, our finances, our children, and our safety.  Help us to remember that there are guardian angels doing your bidding and watching over us.  Lord I pray that will we be thankful for all the miracles you do for us every single day.  Lord I pray we will not get all caught up over trying to understand your ways…but that we will learn to trust in you!!

For those who don’t believe in you… I pray that they will have an open heart and be lead to the good news of what you can give them which is the promise of eternal life and your amazing grace through your Son Jesus.

Lord… be with us through every second of this year 2013.  Protect us from the devils evil devices and tricks.  Forgive us Lord!  Lord we humble ourselves and we ask you to heal our land.   We turn our eyes to you and ask you to have mercy on us.  We love you!

I ask these things in the name of your Son…Jesus Christ…Amen!

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