“In a time of favor I answer you, on the day of salvation I help you.” –Isaiah 49:8

We have been fasting for four weeks to prepare for Easter. What will the Lord do this Easter?

Some who feel forsaken and forgotten will be assured of the Lord’s tender love (see Is 49:14-15). At first, this will not change the distressing circumstances of their lives, but will dramatically change their attitude toward them.
Long-term desolation will be replaced by restoration (Is 49:8).
Many people trapped in the prison and darkness of sin will come out and show themselves (Is 49:9).
Through a series of miracles, many of you will return from a self-imposed exile in the world into life in God’s kingdom (see Is 49:9-12).
The heavens, earth, and mountains will sing because of the comfort and mercy the Lord will give us (Is 49:13).
At least hundreds of thousands of people will pass from death to life by hearing the Lord’s Word and believing in Him (Jn 5:24).
Possibly thousands of people will die in Christ, Who will raise their spirits from the dead and take them to be with Him forever in heaven (see Jn 5:29).
The risen Lord will do several million other things this upcoming Easter season. We are on the threshold of an awesome outpouring of the Lord’s love and grace. Prepare to share in Easter 2015. Repent, confess, forgive, give, pray, fast, witness, heal, obey, believe, and love. Come, risen Lord Jesus!

PRAYER: Father, may this be the Lent of a lifetime and the springtime of my life in the Spirit.

PROMISE: “An hour is coming in which all those in their tombs shall hear His voice and come forth.” –Jn 5:28

PRAISE: St. Cyril described Christians as “pressed into the service of a great King.”

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