“There is but one body and one spirit.” —Ephesians 4:4

St. Matthew left his old life completely behind and began a new, totally different, life in Jesus. He died to his old life, and in his new life, Matthew lived, not for himself, but for Christ, Who died for him and loved him (see Gal 2:19-20).

Christian marriage is to be like this. A man and woman leave their old life completely behind. In their new, married life, the husband and wife live not for themselves, but for their spouse (see 1 Cor 7:4). In effect, each spouse says to the other, “This is my body, to be given up for you.” Likewise, as “one body” and “one spirit” (Eph 4:2-4; Gn 2:24; Phil 2:2-4), the married couple says to the Lord, “This is our body, to be given up for You” (cf 1 Cor 11:24). They are no longer two but one (Mt 19:6).

Whatever your vocation, Jesus says to you, “Follow Me” (Mt 9:9). Like St. Matthew, get up and follow Jesus (Mt 9:9). “Get up” by rising to new life just as you rose from the waters of Baptism to live a risen life. We can only “get up and follow Jesus” if we leave behind our old life, dead and drowned in the waters of Baptism. Then we are free to follow Jesus and be one body with Him.

PRAYER: Father, may all married couples be one in You and bear enduring fruit for Your kingdom.
PROMISE: “It is mercy I desire and not sacrifice.” –Mt 9:13
PRAISE: “Matthew got up and followed” Jesus (Mt 9:9).

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