Please Revive Us

Dear Lord, I’m sure you must be tired
Of the wickedness of man,
Those you created for your pleasure,
To enjoy and tend your beautiful land.

Please forgive us, Heavenly Father,
For indulging sinful, lustful thoughts,
Flashed through our minds by Satan,
As he slanders our Savior on the Cross.

Please show us each and every one
Sins that we entertain and indulge;
Help us to confess and reject them all
And turn to you at the Spirit’s Holy nudge.

We seek your forgiveness, Lord,
That we have failed to display your light,
To shine your love to others
Who wander in earth’s dark night.

That we have not been salty
And on your Word stood tall
To cause the lost among us
To seek and answer salvation’s call.

Clothe your children in the sacrifice of Christ,
Please revive us, correct our hearts anew;
Fill us with joy and Godly love
That we may please and glorify You.
~ Joyce Guy

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