Praise Christ Jesus!

Praise The Lord Christ Jesus, who is the one who frees us,
From all our hurts deep inside, and all the pain that we hide.
He gives to us a real peace, deep inside that will not cease.
He saves us from all our sin, when we truly believe in Him.

Praise The Gracious Lord above, who sent all a gift of love.
God sent to us His Only Son, to be the Savior of everyone.
Christ was sent to all of us, and in Jesus we place our trust.
As men trust in Jesus Christ, He gives to them Eternal Life.

Praise Him as a Merciful God, sending His Son not His Rod.
By The Lord’s unmerited Grace, He sent Christ in our place.
It was His Son, Jesus Christ, who died a substitute sacrifice,
Our atonement on Calvary; paying the price for you and me.

And we praise The Living Lord, who for us, did much more.
From the grave He rose again, to grant new life to all men.
Christ, who for us had died, was resurrected and Glorified.
And God will glorify everyone, who truly trusts in His Son.

So all who are dead in sin, can place all their trust in Him,
Not only will you be forgiven, as new life you will be given.
God’s Grace you shall receive, as His Son you do believe.
A glorified body will be yours, to live forever with The Lord.

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