Pray and Thank

When something in your life is not right, not despair, not feel that all is lost, because who has God in his heart, does not feel lost know that God always has another way by which you can Then this path is full of light and love, and in thy heart there is faith, hope and kindness, with all these elements you will know to fight the adversities of life, because everything is not always as you wish, because not all our wishes are those that please the Father, Then he will show you what purpose He has for your life, let it guide you, he is the beacon that tells you what the best course, so that your boat will not sink, but navigating a calm sea that will take you to a safe haven … Oh and thanks, because another day is born, and in it you have seen some of the wonders that he created for you, Thank the sun the sea the mountains, Thank all your senses, because they allow you to enjoy all the powers wonders that God has done for you … Oh and thanks for all the blessings he has bestowed on thee, even those that thou do not you realize that you are given every day, yes because at this moment you are reading this message, read a sign that you know, that your eyes can see, you have a computer, and you have someone who thought of you and publish this message, have you thought those people that do not have anything like that? Those who live alone with no one to comfort them, in that they do not have a roof to shelter or those who have nothing to eat, so thanks for all these blessings, today, tomorrow and always.

Let your heart is full of love to give and receive. May God be with you … Amen. Thank you Lord for yet another day is almost over, thanks for my friends and bless each minimizes their problems and their illnesses so that they can live happily …

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