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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Peace with daughter2August 19, 2018Details
Untitled1August 18, 2018Details
sick1August 18, 2018Details
TRIP TO VELANKANNI1August 16, 2018Details
CONTACT LOST FRIEND1August 15, 2018Details
to get job2August 14, 2018Details
For my Marriage with Rakesh2August 13, 2018Details
Deva mammunu karunimmpumu2August 12, 2018Details
Jesus.calls2August 9, 2018Details
conversion 1August 8, 2018Details
happiness & reunion2August 7, 2018Details
Prayer3August 6, 2018Details
To free from money issue 5August 3, 2018Details
I'll health3August 2, 2018Details
I'll health4August 2, 2018Details
job and my family and for my future4August 1, 2018Details
Work & Future19August 1, 2018Details
government job4July 31, 2018Details
marriage5July 29, 2018Details
marriage4July 29, 2018Details
Request for my Marriage 9July 28, 2018Details
for my mom wife sister1July 28, 2018Details
Untitled1July 28, 2018Details
Family problems 0July 27, 2018Details
Prayer for my vicness 3July 25, 2018Details
Depression2July 23, 2018Details
Pray for my children health.3July 20, 2018Details
job and peace4July 20, 2018Details
Need a baby3July 16, 2018Details
Untitled82July 16, 2018Details

Peace with daughter

My daughter is always rude towards me. Her attitude hurts my feelings and make me sad. Please make her to respect elders.


vijay pasch
Dear mothersSisters, for many years I'm facing with out getting a proper Job,I became a chain smoker due to depression, recently in left side of my throat a swelling occurred, Doctor advised for thyroid scan. results proved that left submandibular gland appears to be enlarged due to cervical group of Lymph nodes. I'm deeply troubled and worried thinking it might be some cancer or any other diseases,financially I'm poor, some people should pay some money to me. but every time they tell lies to me,I have 2 children to take care,i have lots of enemies who trouble for no reason Dear Father, I kindly request you'll to pray for me and my intentions. THANKS


abhishek ram
please pray for my sinus, unable to bear pouring water from my nose


I wish to make a trip to shrine basicila in Tamil nadu,, velankanni. trying to save for the trip. Please fulfill my wishes


I have lost contact with my closest friend. hoping he would contact me.

to get job

Dear Heavenly god i am searching for job for the past 2 months till now i didnt get any job my lord be with me when i go and attend my interviews a company which i went for interview said that they will call with in a week my lord kindly help me to get job with in this week my lovable mother mary kindly help me to get me job with in this week AMEN.....

For my Marriage with Rakesh

Dear Jesus Christ & Mother Marry , By Your Blessings I knew that my mariage will be very soon possible with Rakesh. I am very Happy since last week because of you my Lord, I Trust in You that I will come with my beloved Rakesh on his Birthday as his wife at Khambholaj Church, Salun Church & Salvation Army Church, Jesus I Trust In YOu, Amen

Deva mammunu karunimmpumu

Anil Raju
Pray for my family .,my job and my marriage with sirisha. Amma,nanna, akka.,sirisha


Krupadhasu Dhasu


pray for victor conversion

happiness & reunion

plz pray 4 me to get rid of my sin,reunion with my frnd. success in all steps


Please pray that god should grant me with a god fearing life partner soon..& also pray for my future

To free from money issue

My uncle has been struggling in issue recording with money.Kindly pray for my uncle to resolve for this problem.

I'll health

My mother not feeling well pls pray for she shld get well soon. Thanks. Praise the lord.

I'll health

My mother not feeling well pls pray for she shld get well soon. Thanks. Praise the lord.

job and my family and for my future

prayer request for good job and my family will always peace and affection, and for my future

Work & Future

Vinoth S
Prayer Request: Dear Lord, You know everything. In work place i got problem from my colleagues. please take care me from their. I hand over my life and future to your hand. Please everyday with me and guide me and all problems keep away from me. Thank you Lord. Please give me a good permanent Job and life partner. Amen

government job

poluri suresh,kanchanamala
I Need nesassory gov't job so please prayer for my family


hai my name is meena pls pray for my marriage ,god want to do his will in my marriage ,there is no one for me to help ,god want to be with mee this year god wants to do miracles in my marriage life he want to show my beeter hafe this year


for my marriage sekaram marriage nadakanum

Request for my Marriage

Jesus Christ I knew that on my Beloved's Birthday I will be with him as his wife and we both will come together at the Divine Mercy Church, Khambholaj to take blessings from Mother Marry & You My Lord Jesus Christ. Before November 2018 my leg will be at Divine Mercy Church of Khambholaj as Hetal Rakesh Mayavanshi. Jesus I Trust In You that you will surely make some Miracle and I will come on 31/10/2018 as Rakesh's Wife to celebrate my Husbands Birthday. Jesus Christ I have called Rakesh as my Husband in Your Presence & Now Jesus we will never seperate from each other and I will surely die as Hetal Rakesh Mayavanshi, I knew That on this October Jesus Christ By Your Blessings my marriage with Rakesh will be possible and we both will come at the Divine Mercy Church khambholaj Divine Mercy Church Salun & The Salvation Army Church,Anand as a Husband and wife till the end of my life . Jesus I Trust In You very Much, Amen

for my mom wife sister

Shawn k philemon
my wife is carrying please request to all saints, Jesus and mother mary for her smooth and blessed delivery and also my mother is also suffring for many sicks please pray for get a relieve from her sick and also my sister is going to appearing for her last bsc nursing so also please considered these prayers in your prayer


Shawn k ohilemon

Family problems

Praise the Lord I am jaswanth writing from nellore to pray for my colleague PAVANI she is working in Railways so many problems and struggles facing by my colleague PAVANI she is facing so many problems with her husband name is naveen please pray for PAVANI family built by God her husband torching daily so much past 4 days back her husband was beaten Pavani with a wooden stick she injured so many wounds in her hands and her head at that Pavani and her family members didn't asked any thing and from next day onwards her husband was blackmailing PAVANI'S father and mother last night again her husband visited PAVANI'S house and again he started scolding her family members including Pavani and he again put a police complaint against PAVANI'S father that he is beaten but Pavani father did not beaten in that reason my colleague PAVANI also put an police complaint against her husband so today police officers called both the family members and they enquiry all the problems and they filed FIR against her husband because he was beaten her wife and next police officer told that we are now moving the case to court so Pavani so my colleague agreed for that and again the police officers called over phone and come to police station and they said so compromise the case change your mind they told in the afternoon C I Told file FIR but some other police officers are meet PAVANI'S husband and they are telling them to compromise the case so I am requesting you sir kindly pray for PAVANI to over come from the problems what way she want to choose to go to divorce or to compromise the case Pavani is telling that she agrees for compromise we will pray to Jesus so that Jesus can done a miracle Jesus can change her husband behavior but Pavani father and mother didn't agreed for compromise the case because PAVANI'S husband was not that much good person they have given so many chances but he did not changed his behavior so father and mother are not showing intrest to compromise the case so sir I am requesting you to please pray for PAVANI father and mother and her husband to change in his behavior and God's protection will have all the family members amen amen amen

Prayer for my vicness

Esther C
Hi yeanaku romba periya vicness eruku na en Mela yarabathu anbe katturanga na avangala Romba nambiduren athuku appuram avangala poliyanavanga therija ennala atha thanga mudiyala eanaku intha pealavinathila erunthu vidu pada prayer pannga please


Allirani v
Thx u lord Jesus u ly fullfilled my heart jesus.i like one person Jesus her name Suresh Kannan I want married that person.if u pray for this person Jesus .I want married that person or not if you like means I like Jesus ur wish only I want jesus.but religion her Christian .iam Hindu jesus.iam feeling lonely Jesus .Suresh is not talking with me her family I like u so much jesus.

Pray for my children health.

xavier xavier
Pray for my son Antoadin and daughter Aashikha. Bless them and save their life

job and peace

anil kumar
I am job less please pray for me get job immediately

Need a baby

Geetha Sudhakar
I got married before 1 year and still not got pregnant. Kindly pray for us for getting pregnant soon.


Jesus Christ, God Myself Hetal I am Born in Hindu family and my beloved Rakesh is from Christian Family. Jesus Christ We both love each other and wants to do marriage but we are Affraid that what will happen when our family comes to know that we wants to do Marriage. Jesus Christ I follow Your Command that Love each Other and every one. Jesus Christ I by my Heart, Soul, Mind and every thing now Loves You my Lord Jesus Christ and You are my God Forever till the End of My Life. Jesus Christ I also wants to wear Rosery, Read Bible, Come to Church to Praise You My Lord Jesus Christ till the End of my Life. God Today the situation is that I am Praying to you my Lord but with the fear of this World. Jesus Christ I also wish to come to Chruch with my beloved Rakesh to take blessings as Husband and Wife from you my Lord Jesus Christ . Jesus Christ my God I swear that I will Praise you till the end of my life. Jesus Please Help me and my beloved Rakesh and make our Marriage Possible. Jesus Christ I Trust in You, Pita Putra Ane Pavitra Atma Na Naam E, Amen
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

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8 Responses

  1. Jesus-MyGM Prayer Group says:

    Dear child of God,
    Since you have mentioned that “some people have told us that he might not live for long” I do not understand what exactly his problem is. But “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Psalm 118:8. Do not fear because what you fear will come to pass” What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” Job 3:25 says Job. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 because He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them. Psalm 145:19.May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4. For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.Philippians 4:6. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7.
    God Bless You

  2. Madona says:

    Please pray for me to get future partner god must interween in my life and miracle should happen in my life i must get a reply from them

  3. precilla says:

    A humble prayer request for my brother ISSAC.
    Who is been additicated to alcohol and rest all bad habits.
    for since past 10 yrs he is been additicated and not listening to parents he is been earning and wasting in all this bad stuffs the moneys…
    please all my dear bothers and sisters,please do pray for my brother for his healness…

  4. marshina says:

    Dear child,

    Please dont worry. Our heavenly Father will surely touch your dad and heal everything through his loving hands.Pray Jesus everyday ..Never lose your heart and never forget about him in all through your life..
    because JESUS says

  5. Shermi says:

    Please pray for my brother for the delieverence from all the evil addictions of life and love his wife and child and lead a life for JESUS.

  6. preethi,neethiTWINS says:

    actually v r TWINS v r searching for a spritual twin bridegroom …. but v dont know hw we’ll get twin partner ..its vry tuff 2 find plz pray for tat dear bros nd sisters

  7. C. Mary Rita says:

    please prayer for my husband and my kids and me, my husband health and my kids studies and my family financial problem and save my family.

  8. C. Mary Rita says:

    Dear Father / Sister,

    Nanga engaloda financial thevaikaga enga veeta sales panradhuku romba naalaga try panrom anal enum sales agala engaloda endha thevaikaga prayer panunga please.

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