“I, the Lord, alone probe the mind and test the heart.” —Jeremiah 17:10

I have just returned from a vacation in the rocky desert of the American Southwest. Fantastic rock formations there have been eroded by rushing waters over time. The waters of these streams and rivers continually probe the rock for the weak spots, and flow downhill following the path of least resistance in the rock. This relentless probing by the waters eventually erodes the rock, cutting away slabs of rock and wearing it down piece by piece.

In a similar way, the relentless love of the Lord continually probes our hearts and tests our minds (Jer 17:10). He looks for any soft spots in our rock-hard hearts and minds. Finding such a spot after much probing, His love always finds a way to penetrate a heart. He constantly works and probes the rock-hard hearts to seep deeper inward.

Many of you are suffering because of loved ones who have rock-hard hearts toward the Lord and the Church. Take courage and believe in the relentless, probing, testing love of God. His love is far stronger than the eroding power of rushing water. His “love never fails” (1 Cor 13:8). Pray for an increase of faith in the steadfast love of the Lord (see Lk 17:5).

PRAYER: Father, may I do my job in evangelization and never get in the way of You doing Your job in the hearts of those I love.
PROMISE: “The Lord watches over the way of the just.” –Ps 1:6
PRAISE: The increase in grace from more frequent Confession has helped Alex overcome several habitual sins.

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