“It is time to seek the Lord.” –Hosea 10:12

The Liturgy of the Word for today’s Mass contains several references to seeking the Lord:

• “It is time to seek the Lord” (Hos 10:12).
• “Rejoice, O hearts that seek the Lord!” (Ps 105:3)
• “Seek to serve Him constantly” (Ps 105:4).
• In addition, the psalm response for Mass is: “Seek always the face of the Lord.”

Jesus commands us to seek and we shall find (Mt 7:7; Lk 11:9). The prophet Isaiah implores: “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call Him while He is near” (Is 55:6). When we make seeking the Lord our first priority, God provides all that we need (see Mt 6:33).

The seeking goes both ways. The Lord has been seeking you as well (see Lk 19:10). He too has been seeking your love and waiting to have you all to Himself, free from the distractions and pleasures of the world (see Hos 2:16-25). Seek first the Lord and His kingdom, and let Him find you.

PRAYER: Father, I am so inclined to seek my own pleasures. Give me the grace to “turn now ten times the more to seek” You (Bar 4:28).
PROMISE: “Make this announcement: ‘The reign of God is at hand!” –Mt 10:7
PRAISE: James dedicated his business to the Sacred Heart and prays for and with his employees.

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