“[Samuel] ran to Eli.” –1 Samuel 3:5

Mass Readings: January 10
First: 1 Samuel 3:1-10,19-20; Resp: Psalm 40:2,5,7-10; Gospel: Mark 1:29-39

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Though Eli the priest left a lot to be desired, he still had some godly wisdom and did provide Samuel the right direction to discern for his life’s vocation as a prophet. Samuel ran to Eli (1 Sm 3:5) to seek God’s guidance and he was led safely to the Lord.

Nowadays, when young people need guidance, a common response might be to talk to peers or use various forms of social media for input in making life-decisions. Of course, God can work through this, but so can Satan. The safer direction is shown in the book of Sirach: “If you see a man of prudence, seek him out; let your feet wear away his doorstep!”(Sir 6:36). Instead of throwing our need for guidance upon anyone who might respond, for good or for evil, we should look for prudent, spirit-led individuals (cp Acts 6:3).

When young Absalom temporarily seized the kingship of Israel, he sought counsel from both Ahithophel (2 Sm 17:1-4) and Hushai (2 Sm 17:11-13) on how to kill King David, his father. Hushai’s advice led directly to Absalom’s own death (2 Sm 17:14). Judas Iscariot sought counsel not from Jesus, or other apostles, but from the Jewish leaders (Mt 26:14). This also led to his own death, as well as that of Jesus. Advice from a godly counselor is gold. Timothy sought out Paul’s advice and prospered (Acts 16:3). Cornelius sought Peter’s advice and was blessed with the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:5, 44ff). Seek wisdom by seeking the godly.

PRAYER: Lord, lead me straight to my life’s calling and vocation by leading me straight to godly and prudent people.
PROMISE: Jesus “went into their synagogues preaching the good news and expelling demons throughout the whole of Galilee.” —Mk 1:39
PRAISE: Patrick often prays simply for Wisdom (see Jas 1:5).

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